Frankfort Fire Protection District
Frankfort IL



The District

The Frankfort Fire District services an area of approximately45 square miles.  This service area covers parts of the Villages of Frankfort and Mokena, along with Frankfort and Green Garden Townships.  Located in Will County Illinois, the population in 2018 was approximately 45,000 people.  The District has 70 members  and staffs 5 stations.  In 2017 the District responded to 4,375 calls for service.

The District was founded in 1962 via a referendum.  This allowed for an increase in funding and an expanison to the service area for what had previously been the Frankfort Fire Department.  The creation of the District resulted in the removal of the Fire Department from the Village of Frankfort.  While the District and the Village remain seperate entities to this day, there is a tremendous amount of cooperation between the two.

The District has a 5 member Board of Trustees.  Each Trustee is a resident-at-large of the District, and is elected to a 6 year term.  The Fire Chief is the Chief Administrator, and reports directly to the Board of Trustees.


The Frankfort Fire Protection District is  a special taxing district.  The primary source of funding is from property taxes collected for propereties located within the District.  The District does not receive any funding from the Villages of Frankfort or Mokena.  Additionally, the District does not receive sales tax funds of any type.

Additonal funds are collected for services provided.  These inlcude EMS service, grants, false alarm fines, cost recovery responding to non-residents, and fees for fire prevention inspections.