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Illinois Child Passenger Protection Act   Law Change - Effective January 1, 2019

Illinois Child Passenger Protection Act
 Law Change - Effective January 1, 2019

Car Safety Seat Inspections

Did you know that approximately 3 out of every 4 Child Safety Seats are incorrectly installed.  This combined with children in the incorrect style of seat equates to a 90% rate of either a Children being in the wrong seat, or the seat being incorrectly installed.  

There is also an upcoming change to the Illinois Car Seat Law. 


Children under the age of two (2) must ride rear-facing.

Children under the age of eight (8) must be secured in an appropriate child restraint system.  An appropriate system: fits the child, fits the vehicle, and is used according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. *

The child restraint must be provided by parent or legal guardian.

Every person transporting a child under age eight (8) is responsible for properly securing the child in the vehicle.


Children weighing more than 40 pounds.

Children taller than 40 inches.

Children being transported in a vehicle weighing more than 9000 pounds.     

The Frankfort Fire Protection District has a limited number of certified technicians available to perform a safety seat inspections.  We offer this service free of charge.  Please note that due to limited resources, the service is not available at all times.

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