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Special Needs Registry

In order to better serve our residents, the District has developed a Special Needs Registry which allows residents to provide voluntary information that would be helpful for emergency responders to know when responding to a call. The Special Needs Registry is a volunteer registry of information by those with a mental or physical disability that would be helpful for emergency personnel to know when responding to a crisis. This information includes any physical or mental disability that would keep an individual from leaving the home quickly if they had to do so. This can include individuals with autism, those who are deaf-blind, and those who have intellectual disabilities, as well as individuals who have physical challenges. In the event that someone with special needs is unable to submit information on their own, a person who is authorized to act on their behalf may do so. Other useful information includes access information such as a garage door code or realtor key box code. Knowledge of home oxygen is also useful to our members in the event of a fire.

How is the Information Utilized?

The information will be programmed to appear on the 9-1-1 Operator’s screen when an emergency call is made for the address provided. This will allow dispatchers to alert emergency responders that there may be a unique situation in the home involving a person with special needs. It will also be used for the purpose of emergency planning.

Will my information be kept confidential?

The information provided through the registry will not be shared with anyone. It is stored in the secure Computer Aided Dispatch system.

 I live in an independent living facility, do I need to register?

No. The registry is only intended for use by those who do not live in a residential special needs facility (i.e. nursing home, group home or hospital).

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